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One second, fall in love with music

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  • Lesi Guitar Course

  • Taro's Guitar Adventure
  • Lesi Guitar Course can meet the needs of students aged 6 and above from zero-based to high-level while learning guitar.
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  • Lesi E-Drum Course – Kids

  • Lee's Kung Fu Tour
  • Lesi Drum Course for Kids aims to draw children from 4 to 7 years old into the relaxed and fun world of learning electronic drums.
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  • Lesi E-Drum Course – Youngsters

  • Lee's Drummer Tour
  • Lesi Drum Course for Youngsters is designed for children from age 7 to 16, which focus is on being a professional and authoritative curriculum.
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  • Lesi Piano Course

  • Mumu's Music Diary
  • Lesi Piano Course aims to provide kids from 4 to 16 a scientific, authoritative, learnable and interesting piano course.
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  • Lesi Enlightenment Course

  • Chico's Music World
  • Lesi Enlightenment Course is designed for children aged from 2.5 to 4 years old, with two themes: Music Growth Story and Music Adventure Story.
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Lesi Artist

Chen Lei
Chinese metal guitar supreme musician, Chinese famous rock band Tang Dynasty band guitarist
Zhao Yinpeng
Chief of Percussion Music of the People’s Liberation Army Orchestra
Zhang Jiaxi
Famous drummer, freelancer, China’s first personal jazz drum pure instrumental album publisher
Xun Liang
Famous drummer, vice chairman of the Chinese Drummers Federation
MICO Liu Wei
Music producer, famous drummer, captain of Jungle Mico Project (JMP) Band


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